National Resophonic RM-1, tobacco sunburst, with hot plate. $3,250.
The National Resophonic RM-1 is a revolution in resonator mandolin design and tone. Rather than the pinched, harsh, overly metallic sound you get from resophonics of yesteryear, the RM-1 sounds a lot like an acoustic mandolin—just louder. It stands out in a crowd but still manages to be sweet and expressive. This example is in nearly flawless condition, and has the added "hot plate" attachment with a Jason Lollar pickup. Professional blues players like Rich DelGrosso and Bert Deivert are playing Nationals with this setup and getting great results.
     Walnut body with maple top and neck; spiral-embossed spun cone with biscuit bridge. Sunburst finish. Serial number 17769. If you want to play the blues, or hold your own with a set of bagpipes, or just have the coolest mandolin on the block, this is the one to get. It uses the standard 13.875" mandolin scale, and doesn't have any of the intonation or playability problems associated with vintage resophonics. Comes with a hardshell case.
     Add a strap, see more photos, call 425/772-0231, or for more information. $3,250 plus shipping.