Marcos Moletta
Marcos is a professional player of the guitarra baiana from Brazil. He writes: "My red instrument was made by Elifas Santana, the same guy who built bahian guitars for Armandinho Macedo. I've changed the original EMG select pickups you can see on the photo for an old pair of better EMGs. The one on the bridge position is active, and a push-pull volume knob splits it if i want a single-coil sound.

"I had a band for ten years called FORRÓÇACANA. Nowadays I play as a sideman for a great brazilian composer and singer called Moraes Moreira. He was the first singer of the Trio Elétrico in Bahia, and in his work there's plenty of guitarra baiana work, most of it played by Armandinho. He is one of the only artists who uses this instrument in his bands; I am very proud to play with him."

Check out some of Marcos's YouTube videos.