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Mandolin Resources
bullet—a site dedicated to the electric mandolin's Brazilian equivalent.
bullet Mandolin Cafe
bullet MandoZine
bullet Joel Glassman's Electric Mandolin Article at MandoZine
bullet Mandolin Magazine
bullet Mandolin Quarterly
bullet Brooster's Mandolin Related Links
bullet JazzMando
bullet Chord Alchemy—Chord software with an option for 5-string mandolin!

For the luthier seeking to build a Mandocaster-type instrument, the most elusive of all e-mando parts is the 4- or 5-string bridge/tailpiece. The paucity of this one part has led many first-time e-mando builders into all sorts of Frankensteinian/cannibalistic endeavors that I won't describe here. (Pro builders, at least the ones I've talked to, either machine their own bridges or have them custom-made.) Fortunately, I have finally located one U.S. source and a possible UK source, and here they are:
bullet Moongazer Music
Distributor of 4- and 5-string hardtail bridges with individual saddles, in nickel or gold (see photo), designed and built by Andrew Jerman.
bullet Brandoni Guitars (UK)
Unit 3.6, Wembley Commercial Centre
East Lane
Wembley, Middlesex
Fax/Phone: (011 44)/(020) 8908 2323
Andrew Jerman 4-string bridge
Jerman bridge specs
Ever wanted to make your own electric octave mandolin from a mini-guitar kit? These instructions show you exactly how. You can also order kits from Moongazer Music and the International Violin Co.
This is a complex subject that deserves its own page.
Other parts
Most other parts you'll need to build an electric mandolin are available from the following sources:
bullet Stewart-MacDonald
bullet Luthiers Mercantile International


Case Covers and Gig Bags
bullet Blue Heron
bullet Colorado Case Company
bullet Main Street Case Company
PO Box 1104
Driggs, Idaho 83422
phone/fax (208) 354-8636
bullet Reunion Blues
bullet Small Dog



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