Ball-end mandocello sets
More and more builders are offering mandocellos that take ball-end strings—but is still the only place to get a ball-end mandocello set. All strings, including A's, are wound, and they come in:
  • Phosphor bronze roundwound (acoustic or acoustic/electric)
  • Nickel steel roundwound (solidbody electric, magnetic pickup)
  • Stainless steel flatwound (either)
Several gauges are available. Heavy and Normal gauges are similar to the D'Addario, La Bella, or Thomastik loop-end sets. Medium and Light gauges are similar to the standard set for Eastman mandocellos (but a little heavier). Details:

String Heavy Normal Light Normal Med. Light
C (4th) .074 .070 .056 .075 .065 .056
G (3rd) .048 .046 .044 .048 .048 .045
D (2nd) .034 .032 .034 .032 .032 .032
A (1st) .022 .020 .020 .022 .022 .020

PRICE Nickel only:
Bronze: $20
Nickel: $18
Bronze: $10  
Nickel: $10  
$49 $47 $37
PAYMENT: To buy mandocello sets using PayPal, make your selection below:
Flatwounds are D'Addario Chromes or similar. While the idea here is to meet a niche demand for ball-end strings, I'll be happy to send loop-ends if you want them.

Domestic shipping via U.S. mail To pay the old-fashioned way, use the shipping rates at the left and send a check or money order payable to

Martin Stillion
8027 242nd St SW
Edmonds, WA 98026
1 set roundwound $4.75
2–3 sets roundwound/1 set flatwound $5.75
4–10 sets roundwound/2–10 sets flatwound $7.75
(if you want to order more, let me know)

If you want to calculate the string tension you'll get when you put these strings on your mandocello, use this handy calculation tool. Along with your payment, please include your name, address (P.O. boxes OK), and e-mail address.
     Soapbox time: I like a lot of things about the Eastman mandocellos, but I don't like the factory string spacing, nor do I care for the super-light C strings. I think it's well worth the $75 or so it would cost to get a new nut and saddle with the string pairs slotted a little tighter—and while you're at it, you can get the C-string slots cut for a proper C of .070–.074 gauge. If you don't want to do that, then go ahead and order the Light set above.
     So why the price difference between the Light and Normal sets? It's because of the heavier Normal C strings. They're expensive. But worth it.