Pendragon DragonFly. $2,250.
Here's a blast from the past: a Pendragon Strings "DragonFly" 5-string e-mando from 2003. Pendragons were the brainchild of William Campbell of Kansas City, and there is nothing else like them. If you play music that has anything to do with hobbits or dragons or wizards or knights—or if you just appreciate idiosyncratic design—this might be the mandolin for you. Plus, you'll have the only one on your block! Through-body mahogany neck, with wings of what look like walnut and purpleheart. Flat ebony fretboard with 14" scale and—count 'em—32 frets. Ladies and gentlemen, you just can't find that anywhere else. Customized Grover tuners; humbucking pickup; floating bridge and stop tailpiece.
      It was built with active electronics, including a 9-volt battery box, two switches, an LED light and a couple of circuit boards that served as preamps, but said circuit boards have ceased to function. It's currently wired for passive electronics; the pickup and tone/volume controls work as they should, but the battery and circuit boards are bypassed.
      In addition to the magnetic pickup, there is also a piezo pickup. A toggle switch controls the piezo's signal: it can be sent to the tip of the input jack, where it blends with the magnetic pickup, or it can be sent to the ring or "sleeve" of the input jack, so that if you have a stereo cable and a splitter, you could send the piezo signal by itself to an outboard preamp on a separate channel, giving you the ability to switch between "acoustic" and electric" sounds. Of course, any electronics wiz who wants to dive in could install a new onboard preamp, reconnect the battery, and possibly devise a method for sending acoustic and electric signals to the same channel. 
      Used but in very good condition, with a couple of nicks/scratches and minor play wear. Serial number 200303.
      $2,250 plus shipping. 48-hour approval period. See more photos, call 425/772-0231, or for more information.