Ryder EM24 8-string
Ryder EM-24, ash, blond, 8-string, twin single-coil pickups. $800.
Here's an interesting Tele-style 8-string electric mandolin from Steve Ryder in Maine. The body is swamp ash;  the bolt-on neck is maple. Ebony fretboard with side markers. Nut width is 1-3/8". Grover tuners. Three-ply plastic pickguard (tortoise/white/black). Nickel hardware includes recessed side jack and hardtail bridge with two compensated, adjustable saddles. Strings are installed through the body, and held in place on the back by a single ferrule rather than individual bushings.
     A pair of single-coil pickups are controlled by a 3-way switch, functioning as a humbucker when the switch is in the center position. Tone and volume controls help you shape the sound. If you know Steve's work, you know that he winds these pickups by hand. They've got wonderful tone and produce no extraneous noise whatsoever.
     Good condition overall, with some cosmetic blemishes in the finish, namely two or three dings along both the top and bottom edges and a couple of lacquer checks. 
     It's a full-on professional-grade instrument from one of the very best makers, it plays comfortably and easily, and it looks pretty nice to boot. Standard gig bag included, or upgrade to a custom gig bag or hardshell case. See more photos, or for more information.
     It's unusual for an EM-24 to have 8 strings (maybe it's really an EM-28?); the standard is 4. Base price for a new 4-string is $900; the ebony fretboard, 3-ply pickguard, and 8-string setup are upgrades that would have added to the cost. Get it here for less: $800 plus shipping. 48-hour approval period.