Ritter Super Pak gig bag. $100.
I find it difficult to praise the Ritter Super Pak highly enough. It's a versatile, heavily padded bag that can accommodate just about any kind of mandolin—F-style, A-style, electric, right-handed, left-handed—or ukulele. Rugged design, rubber handle and backpack straps. It has four, count 'em, four generous, zippered accessory pockets for tuners, picks, strings, maybe even a folding music stand in one of the long pockets on the sides of the neck (a feature I've never seen in any other bag). I've carried a vintage tenor guitar in a Ritter Super Pak for more than a decade; it's lightweight and offers excellent protection. The worst thing I can say about Super Paks is that tragically, Ritter doesn't make them any more.
     See more photos, or for more information. $100 plus shipping, or save 10 percent when you buy it with any mandolin I'm selling.