De Armond
Vintage DeArmond 500 mandolin pickup by Rowe Industries. $150.
Back in the 1950s and '60s, if you wanted to add an after-market pickup to your mandolin, a DeArmond "monkey on a stick" unit was pretty much your only choice. Fortunately, these were (and are) high-quality magnetic pickups that deliver a better tone than you might expect. Pros like Donna Stoneman, Carl Martin, and Yank Rachell all used DeArmonds, and they're still a viable choice for amplifying a mandolin today—especially if you're seeking something with that authentic vintage vibe. Used but in excellent condition, this DeArmond 500 is complete and in working order, with volume control, and is ready to attach (without modification!) to any mandolin with an adjustable bridge. for more information. $150 plus shipping.