Rigel S100
Rigel S100, tobacco sunburst. $2,500.
Sweet-sounding acoustic/electric mandolin, plays very smoothly like all Rigels. Tremendously responsive and fast, with an enormous open voice.
     This Rigel bears serial number 1272 on a green label marked Jeffersonville, Vermont. Thus it dates from late 1997 or so, the initial chapter of Rigel history, when the instruments were being built one at a time by hand in luthier Pete Langdell's one-man shop. It has the electric guitar–style back plate with four screws holding the bolt-on neck in place. (On later Rigels, there's no back plate; the screws were driven in the opposite direction, from underneath the fretboard.) Back then, there were just two Rigel models: the G110 and the S100. They were identical in construction, but the S100 used plainer materials.
     For its age it's in excellent shape, with just a few insignificant scratches and finish checks. Features a clear maple back, figured Vermont rock maple sides, Adirondack spruce top, 2-piece clear maple neck with graphite reinforced rod, compound-radiused ebony fretboard with dot inlays, Loar-style adjustable bridge, and proprietary Rigel internal piezo pickup. Jumbo frets are in good shape with no grooves. Tobacco sunburst finish. Nickel-plated hardware including Grover tuners and 1-piece downhook tailpiece. The floating pickguard has been replaced with a clear surface-mounted pickguard, but the original is in the case and can be reattached if you like. Original form-fitting hardshell rectangular TKL-style case has blue lining and is covered in black Tolex. 
     Rigel no longer offers the S100. The nearest equivalent, the G110, costs $5,495, and they're available only by custom order. For less than half that amount, this mandolin can be yours. I still esteem Rigels as the finest acoustic/electric mandolins ever built. See more photos, or for more information. $2,500 plus shipping.