National Rosita mandolin
1930s National Rosita mandolin. $900.
Here's an exceedingly rare vintage mandolin from National Res-O-Phonic. Nearly all vintage National mandolins have metal bodies; this wood-bodied model is the sole exception I know of. I have seen only four examples of it, including this one. I'm calling it a "Rosita" because it has similar soundholes to the Rosita guitar also produced by National during this period. Solid wood body and neck were probably supplied by the Regal factory, but the coverplate has the correct National-registered patent numbers, indicating that this was assembled and finished at the National digs. Lots of wear, some scuffing and a chip out of the headstock, but in decent shape for being so old. Tailpiece is a modern replacement. Funky, bluesy tone, but a bit warmer than the metal-body Nationals. Serial #1436. 
     $900 plus shipping. Comes with a gig bag or a Johnson semi-hardshell case. See more photos, or for more information.