MixSon Mantua
Mandolier Mantua 4-string by John MixSon. $750.
I'm not sure whether Florida luthier John MixSon is still in the game, but when he was, he produced some interesting, idiosyncratic designs under the Mandolier brand. Here's an example of his "Mantua" 4-string solid body electric mandolin, completed in spring 1994.
     The serial number is MSM0494004. The body, made of Eastern hard maple, reminds me of a Brazilian bandolim, but it features neck-through construction. The clear lacquer finish has darkened slightly with age and is lightly crazed. The neck is reinforced with steel. Ebony fretboard with mother-of-pearl inlays, 14.375" scale (slightly longer than standard). The graphite nut measures 1 9/32", and the neck is slightly wider than you'll find on the average 4-string mandolin, making string bending a breeze. Gold Gotoh 16:1 tuning machines; solid brass bridge and string anchors. Alembic active mandolin pickup system (requires 9V battery). Gig bag included.
     See more photos, or for more information. $750 plus shipping.