Epiphone MandoBird IV. $400–450.
In its day, the Epiphone MandoBird made itself heard loud and clear in the e-mando market. It's known for being affordable and not terribly high-end, but it has served well as a gateway instrument to pique the interest of players and audiences alike. Some players—including no less a professional than the phenomenal Carrie Rodriguez—find that a MandoBird meets their musical needs perfectly.
     Although discontinued, the MandoBird has lost none of its appeal. They don't come up for sale as often as you might imagine, and when available they tend to be snapped up quickly. Mahogany body with mahogany bolt-on neck. Single-coil pickup and tone & volume controls. I have two MandoBird IVs available:
  1. Serial number 10102311157. Sunburst. This MandoBird is pristine, near mint, NOS, no wear of any kind to speak of. Still has the plastic shrinkwrap and warranty sticker on the pickguard, and the warranty card is still in the included gig bag. See more photos, or for more information. $450 plus shipping.
  2. Serial number 11112309325. Sunburst. This MandoBird is near mint, with no sign of wear or use. Gig bag included. See more photos, or for more information. $450 plus shipping.