1972 Fender Mandocaster. $2,200.
Here's a vintage Fender Electric Mandolin (affectionately known as the "Mandocaster") in almost-mint condition. Neck plate number 02798. Brazilian rosewood slab fingerboard, sunburst finish, tortoiseshell plastic pickguard. Comfort-contoured solid alder body, Kluson tuners, maple neck, original single-coil pickup. Ashtray bridge cover missing. Fender decal has black lettering with a gold border, which corresponds to the 1970s (but there's no symbol). No "Original Contour Body" or other decals on headstock. Original black Tolex case with orange lining, and vintage strap with "Fender" on the buckle. There is a finish chip on one of the horns and a scratch on the back under the neck plate, but otherwise it's incredibly clean.
     Took it apart to see what I could learn. The stamp on the end of the neck is very faint; it appears to read JAN 66, but I couldn't swear to it. The name "K. Krausfeldt" is also stamped on the end of the neck (Ken Krausfeldt worked at Fender from 1964 to 1974), while the pocket bears the stamps "N. Chambers," "L. Crawford," and "C. Cochran." No markings in the body cavity. Stackpole potientiometer codes are 304-7205, indicating the fifth week of 1972. No, it's not uncommon for a '70s instrument to have a '66 neck—Fender must have made enough necks in 1966 to last quite a while.
     See more photos, or for more information. $2,200 plus shipping. 48-hour approval period.