Frank Devenport 4-string, Dakota red. $850.
This looks a great deal like a customized (Famous Model) by (Famous Maker), but it isn't; it's just a very accurate copy by Frank Devenport of Los Angeles. Frank tried to put his name on the headstock, but evidently Frank is a very bad speller, and his name came out looking more like the logo of (Famous Maker). I've blurred it out in the photo, just so (Famous Maker) doesn't get upset. This mandolin was built well before (Famous Maker) introduced a budget-line reissue of its own (Famous Model) from years gone by.
     Poplar body is slab cut (no contour), with bolt-on maple neck and rosewood bridge. Vintage-style closed-gear tuners with metal buttons, not the celluloid buttons favored by (Famous Maker). Bridge has 4 individual saddles, an improvement over the 2-saddle bridges used by (Famous Maker), and unlike mandolins built by (Famous Maker), this one has no neck plate. Pearloid pickguard and twin-blade humbucking pickup, not the single-coil favored by (Famous Maker). It all adds up to a versatile and extremely good-looking little axe that will make people do double takes, at a much more comfortable price than original (Famous Maker) mandolins. Used. Good condition, although there are a couple of small cracks in the pickguard.
     Standard gig bag included, or upgrade to a custom gig bag or hardshell case. See more photos, or for more information. $850 plus shipping. 48-hour approval period.