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Available after a long absence: T-shirts! reviews the new Eastman ERM El Rey electric mandolin for Fretboard Journal. Read now.

Ayele Mamo, photo by Mario Di Bari Nash the Slash
New listings: Ethiopian jazz legend Ayele Mamo, a Bob Venn custom instrument built for Tiny Moore, and a new Nash the Slash documentary! (Mamo photo: © Mario Di Bari)

Jazz virtuoso Michael Lampert is back with his gorgeous third release, Ephemeral. Hear a sample track, or download it today.

Unbelievable: The family of pioneering, Houston-based Western swing mandolinist Leo Raley has released a treasure trove of photos and other information. Beyond that, they're selling two of his mandolins (a Martin 2-15 and a 1960s Gibson A5 2-point) along with Raley's original handbuilt Ted Daffan pickup—the one that started it all! Now's the time to learn more about the first professional electric mandolinist.

Yank Rachell tribute CD: Download or buy online

Maestro Alex Gregory, 13 Jokes for Heavy Metal Mandolin
Buy a copy
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