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RIP: Indian Carnatic virtuoso U. Srinivas has passed away in Chennai at 45. Read more.

New builder: Seth Lee Jones.

New builder: Yuri Barreto and one of his happy customers: Marcela Martinez.

New builders: Moonshine,
Thomas Hines.

Bruce Harvie, wizard of wood, returns with Electric Mandolin Graffiti, which is both tremendous fun and legal in all 50 states. Bruce wields his rare John Sullivan e-mando along with mandocellos, mandoguitars, a mandola, and goodness knows what else. A great gift idea, since it's download-only and won't take up space in your stocking or get lost by the postman. Grab it today.

New from Dick Levens in the Orkney Islands: the NMA Special, a 4-string with a rare tremolo bar.

From the Fender custom shop, a 5-string with a difference: it has a bender on the A string! One Fender bender you won't mind getting into.

Current Mandolin Magazine cover boy Jason Anick puts his Arrow Jazzbo (by Paul Lestock) through its paces!

Jazz virtuoso Michael Lampert is back with his gorgeous third release, Ephemeral. Hear a sample track, or download it today.

Unbelievable: The family of pioneering, Houston-based Western swing mandolinist Leo Raley has released a treasure trove of photos and other information. Beyond that, they're selling two of his mandolins (a Martin 2-15 and a 1960s Gibson A5 2-point) along with Raley's original handbuilt Ted Daffan pickup—the one that started it all! Now's the time to learn more about the first professional electric mandolinist.

Yank Rachell tribute CD: Mail order

New CD:
Maestro Alex Gregory, 13 Jokes for Heavy Metal Mandolin
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